History repeating itself . . .

I suppose it was always going to happen – not that I’m complaining because I need the publicity – but I’m going to be writing a sort of retrospective feature on the Wycherley Murders for the Mansfield Chad and maybe a few other JPI Media sites . . . we’ll see about that though.

I’ve still got to sort out my media pack, press release, bio and all that and see if I can put my name about a bit. This was always the plan anyway, but now it’s properly back in the news I need to capitalise on it.

But it’s only right that the Chad has it first, and I go the extra mile with it . . . because that’s where it all started; at least for me. And at least for anyone who ever heard about it. Because we were ahead of the game . . . just. We broke it, we owned it . . . and anything anyone may have read in the Daily Mail or watched on Sky News was ours, lifted for their own audience. They’re like that, national news organisations . . . magpies.

I remember this front page like it was yesterday. We had blood on our hands. It’s actually a literal quote from Christopher Edwards . . . something he said while giving evidence in the trial. But it means so much more. Good headline. If I recall correctly, he was describing the moment they were dragging William and Patricia down the stairs from the bedroom where they were killed, before they were unceremoniously dumped in the pit he’d spend a couple of nights digging directly outside the patio doors.

The front shows police excavating the garden, with Susan and Christopher’s police mugshots, and one of the few surviving photographs of William Wycherley. There are literally four or five in existence. There are none of Patricia. Not a one. The Edwards cleared out any photographic evidence that she ever existed . . . just a name.

I don’t know what I’m going to write for the Mansfield Chad yet . . . but it won’t be a much-shortened version of A Garden of Bones. I want to do something a little different – and obviously give the book a damned good plug at the same time.

I’ll post a version and share a link when it’s out there.

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