What do you think?

This is a relatively short post . . . you maybe delighted to hear. Here are the finalists for the cover design for A Garden of Bones. I have a firm favourite, but I’d love to hear your views.

One is more your traditional crime fiction front. The other seems a bit more true crime.

And it’s difficult because A Garden of Bones sits squarely in the middle of the two genres . . . not making life easy for myself am I.

Option 1

Maybe next time I will write a crime book about an alcoholic Oxford graduate detective . . . or an alcoholic Oslo detective.

For me, the stand-out thing with this one is the spade. It’s stark and almost brutal in its simplicity. But it does have an edge to it. From the outset it doesn’t seem like your average Midsomer Murders fodder. It gives the impression that something very dark and brutal has occurred.

It’s dark and almost brutal in its simplicity . . .”

Andy Done-Johnson

This one seems much more true crime. It’s stark and fairly brutal . . . it also had a documentary feel and lets the reader know from the outset that they are dealing with real events here.

Option 2

I didn’t really want Susan and Christopher Edward’s mugs on the front of it, when I was commenting on social media a few days ago, but here I think it’s so subtle that it works.

It’s over to you though. Please share your views. The more feedback I can get, the better for me and for the book.

I thank you.


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