Events catching up on you

To be honest, I feel a bit like I’ve owned the Wycherley murders for the best part of five years. There was the initial media scrum, sure, and then the eye of the nation back on it for a few weeks in 2014 when Susan and Christopher Edwards were tried for double murder.

They were both found guilty, they both got 25 years, and that was that. Almost.

I was invited to the funeral. In many ways that was the most special part about this whole sorry story. I got to see them out as well. I stood next to their coffins. It was surreal. Macabre. Me, standing between the skeletal remains of people who I’d written about for more than a year . . . obsessed about, to an extent, for more than a year.

Then, as these things tend to do, it all went quiet.

I carried on with my professional life. I wrote my stories, I went home, I walked my dogs. It became a memory for a while. Then I got a management role and I was moved out of Mansfield for a year or so, and that was very almost that.

This is all in the book . . . the funeral. But the Wycherleys wouldn’t quite leave me alone. Maybe six months after they were sentenced I got the first call. A production company making a series of programmes called A Town and Country Murder. So I spoke to them.

Here I am . . .

Then another, and another. Then the BBC were on the phone talking about making a drama, and suddenly I was an expert. So I spoke to them as well. The true crime documentaries got made. The BBC drama didn’t . . . at least not yet.

I’ve put this book out now because the story is back in the public eye. There finally is a drama starring Olivia Colman, who will play Susan Edwards.

I wish her well. It is the most fascinating story, and she will be incredible as Susan. I’d have cast her if it was my TV show.

My story tells it through the eyes of someone who lived it, who worked it. And it tells it in a different way. I tell it in words, because that is, ultimately, what I do.

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